Why use Toro dealers?

Small businesses are important, they are the economic engine of our economy. And they are local. They are located in your hometown, they employ your neighbors and they keep local money local; it does not feed a large corporation thousands of miles away. At Toro, our success depends on these small local businesses and we have created this website in partnership with our dealers. Our local dealers are paid for every sale that is made on Torodealer.com, so the money stays in your community. At the same time we keep the prices competitive with any national chain. You get the convenience and speed of online shopping and support your local small businesses. If you are going to buy online, buy local and help your local economy - that is why Torodealer.com exists!

If you are going to buy offline, here is why your local Toro dealer is your best choice...

Knowledgeable Employees

Toro dealers hire employees that know and use power equipment. They can answer your questions and make sure that you are buying the product that fits your needs; not more than you need and not less. Plus they are there and ready to help, you won’t have to wander the aisles looking for them. They are the experts that you can trust.

Personal Service

At the counter or on the phone (and by the way, someone will answer the phone, not a computer), you’re more than a customer - you're a neighbor. Someone is there to help you, you won’t have to hunt them down. Your business matters to them and they will work hard to earn it.

Unbeatable Selection

Toro dealers stock the largest selection of models, models that you won’t find anywhere else so you can get the product that best fits your needs. And, Toro dealers prices are competitive with anything you will find at a national retailer.

Support After the Sale

Just like your car, power equipment will eventually need service to keep it running and performing at peak levels. Power equipment that is well cared for will give you years of reliable use. Toro dealers employ trained service technicians and stock Toro parts. Whether you need warranty work or just a new blade, Toro dealers are your best and most reliable resource.

Buying Local

Have we mentioned this yet? Toro dealers are small business owners from your community. They create jobs and invest in local communities. At the end of the day their profits are kept local and not transferred to a large corporation thousands of miles away.


If you’re not convinced, watch real customers giving their opinions.