RJ by Lawn Genie 3/4" Anti-Siphon Valve with Flow Control (Female Thread) (54000)


      Product Highlights

      • Built-in atmospheric backflow preventer protects household water supply from possible contamination.
      • Flow control allows for precise adjustment after installation.
      • Manual external bleed allows for operation without electrical power.
      • Double-beaded diaphragm.

      The performance-proven RJ by Lawn Genie ¾” Automatic Anti-Siphon Valve is a combination valve and backflow prevention device in one unit. The built-in protection is designed to protect drinking and other household water from contamination. A pressure-activated double-beaded diaphragm strengthens the seal between the body and the bonnet. The RJ by Lawn Genie ¾” anti-siphon valve also features flow control and external bleed. Flow control allows for fine tuning of the amount of water pressure going to each zone reducing misting and fogging at the sprinkler. Internal bleed used to turn the valve on at the manifold location for system check-ups or for extra watering. External bleed is the best way to flush out dirt from the supply and lateral lines during new installations and repairs. (0.1-30 GPM Flow range; ¾” female NPT inlet and outlet, must be installed 6-12 inches above highest downstream outlet in sprinkler system.)

      Type Specification
      Flow 0.1 - 30 GPM
      Inlet/Outlet 3/4" NPT female
      Operating Pressure 10 - 150 PSI
      Solenoid 24V AC
      Inrush 0.40 amps
      Holding 0.25 amps
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      Product Price Action