RJ by Lawn Genie 3/4" In-Line Valve (Female Thread) (54048)


      Product Highlights

      • Smooth flow-through design resists clogging.
      • Manual external bleed allows for operation without electrical power.
      • Double-beaded diaphragm ensures long life and low maintenance.
      • Self-aligning bonnet.

      The RJ by Lawn Genie ¾” In-Line Valve can be installed below ground and housed in a plastic valve box which can be placed anywhere in the landscape without marring the view or disrupting maintenance activities. This rugged automatic valve has a smooth, flow-through design that provides optimum performance in potable and dirty water applications when used with a separate backflow prevention device. The RJ by Lawn Genie ¾” in-line valve features a pressure-activated double-beaded diaphragm to ensure long life and low maintenance and an external bleed to flush out dirt from the supply and lateral lines during new installations and repairs. Note: Check city or local codes to determine whether or not there are restrictions on the types of valves that can be used in your area. (.25-20 GPM flow rate; ¾” female NPT inlet and outlet)

      Type Specification
      Flow .25 - 20 GPM
      Inlet/Outlet 3/4" NPT female
      Operating Pressure 10 -150 PSI
      Solenoid 24V AC
      Inrush 0.40 amps
      Holding 0.25 amps
      Product Price Action
      Product Price Action