Looking for a snowblower that's easy enough for anyone to handle yet still powers through tough end-of-driveway snow? The new SnowMaster is for you. This innovative design delivers impressive power, amazing maneuverability and user-friendly controls. It all adds up to clearing 25% more snow per minute, which can save you 30% more time and get you back in the warmth, faster. All Toro SnowMaster snowthrowers are backed by Toro's 3 Year Limited Warranty.                 Compare All Models

The Promise:
While these machines are powerful snowblowing monsters, they require set-up and tuning. We won’t just ship a Toro two stage to you and dump it in your driveway. When you order a Toro two stage it will be set up and inspected by your Toro dealer. This dealer will deliver the product to you, ready to use. They will review important safety and operational information with you and answer any questions you have. They won’t leave until you are satisfied and ready to blow snow - another benefit of buying from a Toro dealer that you won’t get on another site!


*Subject to dealer participation