Wide Area Lawn Mowers

For homeowners with big yards and busy schedules, Toro's wide-area mowers cover more ground in far less time. The sleek, lightweight body easily circles trees and shrubs. They make a big impact with a small footprint.

The Torodealer.com Promise: TimeMaster Mowers
While these machines are powerful grass cutting monsters, they require set-up and tuning. We won’t just ship a Toro TimeMaster to you and dump it in your driveway. When you order a Toro TimeMaster it will be set-up and inspected by your Toro dealer. This dealer will deliver the product to you, ready to use. They will review important operational information with you and answer any questions you have. They won’t leave until you are satisfied and ready to mow. Another benefit of buying from a Toro dealer that you won’t get on another site!


*Subject to dealer participation