dg22322_tiller_197138_700 Five Ways To Finish Your Outdoor Projects Like A Pro

(ARA) – What do those guys on the landscaping shows have that you don’t have? (Besides their own TV show, that is.) They have all the right tools to make their job easier, whether they’re building a deck, clearing brush to make way for a new patio or digging a hole for a backyard pond. Fortunately, you don’t need the budget of a television landscaping celebrity or the storage space of a production studio to get your hands on the perfect tools for your summer do-it-yourself project. Just rent a compact utility loader with a few attachments, use it to do the work faster and easier, and return it when you’re done.  Read more »

iStock_000016586823Small Make Your Lawn A Masterpiece

All of us have the ability to put together an elegantly patterned lawn and with any great work of art, you must start with a good canvas, in this case a healthy lawn. Water your lawn frequently, remember to fertilize, and never cut off more than one-third the height of your grass at one time. While mowing you see lined patterns but now there is a great tool to help make those stripes and designs more vivid and visually pleasing- the Toro Lawn Striping System. This attachment assists you in creating patterns from the basic to the most advanced works of art. Read More »

Main_striper20 Stripes like the Pros

At the same time you mow, you can create everything from simple, professional stripes to an eye-catching piece of art.
Lawn striping, lawnscapes, yard art, whatever you call it, it’s beautiful.  Sports venues have been adding stripes, waves and checkerboards to their fields for years.  Now homeowners can add a professional look to their yards, too! You might think it takes hours of work, but you can create simple patterns while you mow.  Read more »